Sunday, September 09, 2018

Chicago Jazz | Jazzhop

Sunday Jazz Continues!! on this Sunday?  like I mentioned in my other venues I'm Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian..

Still out here in I-20 in Atlanta, the gateway / runway to the universe trying to reverse the curse / shady dealing...

Caught out in the rain / reminding me of being caught out in the reign that began with a drizzle...

Caught in the rain like Louisville Cardinals barely beating Indiana State, so what's the dizzle?

So what's the deal / dizzle? plans will fizzle, reflected on while dipping down the Dan Ryan Expressway!! Chicago, listening to Chicago Jazz | Jazzhop courtesy of Fantastic Music; check out the playlist and the good music that plays!!

00:00 Psalm Trees - Wifi-Hooves 02:23 Pandrezz - Montmartre Wanderer (feat. j'san) 04:02 Natty Reeves - Solace 06:56 SwuM. - Swim. 08:16 SwuM. - Cafe' 10:10 Huez - Open Air 11:27 Densky9 - Last Pizza 14:06 Ol' Burger Beats - Set It 16:07 Dust Collectors, linanthem - After Hours 18:00 Lesky & Phlocalyst - Coup de Soleil 19:04 Pawcut - Sidewinder 21:04 G Mills - Emergency Pup 19:04 G Mills - Slush Puppy 24:07 Flavors - umbrella 25:35 AJMW - Peace and_.1

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