Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kraak and Smaak - Keep on Searching

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're trying to keep this thing going / flowing; we're going for what we're knowing..

The saga / struggle continues; maybe by Trump with two terms per Michael Moore but we'll check the score, so whatcha saying?  

A brotha will drop this good word and beats will bump to even the score; some will try derail confirmations like Brett Kavanaugh's 

What's the word on the curb? it's rough out in these streets!! coping strategies will fail , affirmations needed by y'all?

What's up y'all? like Kraak and Smaak  we'll Keep on Searching, keep putting work in / keep this thing going / flowing...

What's up y'all? attack zones get hit up by these sonic assaults!! we're trying to keep this thing going / flowing!!

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