Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We're Making A Jack Move PT.9

We had work to do; Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is here, things can go either way; those thoughts intensified...

What it do? we're grateful to see this day, even though we know how these earthlings will play; like Brett Kavanaugh protesters calling out Ted Cruz because somebody lied..

We had word to do, so we're making a jack move; mentioned earlier I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian while others were getting Cavalier like Cleveland. 

..without Lebron,  so they don't have it going on like the Louisville football team without Lamar Jackson in the action;  if they tell you they're alright don't believe them. 

It's on!! so don't believe the hype like Public Enemy instructed you to.

It's on!! we make a jack move against the deceitful type! they can be private or public entities, check the deficiencies after they corrupted you.

So what's up with you?  that's what some asked me; making a jack move, limelight basking will be the last thing I do. 

We're making a jack move, out here on I-20 in Atlanta!!  but in the ATL rush hour traffic? my constituents crashed and burned,  they didn't negotiate the turn!!  damn it was too fast for you! 

Others made a jack move, the constitution was trashed by Democrats and Republicans!! soon so called evangelicals that support Trump will try to find out what praying and fasting will do.

The confusion / chaos was introduced by fanatics, aka evil angels; it's meant for you to take a loss!!  playing the hand your dealt? see what the mathematics will do!!

We're using the sound and this good word to make a jack move!! not worried about taping Trump or the 25th Amendment like Rod Rosenstein..

We're using the sound and this good word to make a jack move!!  beats will bump, we're not jiving with it when we're on the scene..

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