Sunday, September 23, 2018

Franck Biyong and The Afrolectric Orkestra - Africadelic

Sunday Jazz Continues, on this day of reflection and internal inspection..

Son is trying not to spaz on those disrespecting; it'll work me into a frenzy and I'll start an insurrection..

Son will get an erection lasting more than four hours then it'll be screw the world after the drama unfurled..

Standing at the intersection with this good word and the sound;  dude will hurl it at the world.. rocks hurled in the Gaza Strip! but they've upgraded to bombs /RPGs, those other antics were a relic..

O-Dizzle rocks,it's going down from Africa to the ATL!!  he'll flip this jazz funk  / afrobeat  sound from this Manu Dibango written track from Franck Biyong and The  Afrolectric Orkestra called  Africadelic 

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