Thursday, September 13, 2018

We're Making A Jack Move PT.6

We're out here making a jack move /  doing the knowledge;  breakbeat scientific is how we put it down. 

Others need to do the math, show and prove;  Cardi B = Coretta Scott King?  or even Nicky Minaj = Harriett Tubman?  what's up man?  what's really going down? 

Now they're scuffling!! per this Throwback Thursday,  Ali Shuffling? my people get played like a clown,  tears falling like Smoky Robinson mentioned? 

Ruffling feathers? my people strayed,  caught up in Hurricane Florence type of inclement weather?  crime dealt with by McGruff preventions.

 Some we're distracted, saying whatever! meanwhile we're making a jack move / paying attention;  the apparatus will have you caught up in the system / matrix before you know it. 

Check the status, paying attention even though my funds are low;  rich in other aspects,  even though I don't show it.

Check the status; the saga / struggle continues!!  the veteran in the game said it was a process. 

A brotha is dealing with it, making a jack move!!  even though I concur with dude down in Nassau in the Bahamas,  jokers haven't stopped the madness. 

Showing gladness!!  thankful for the blessings I do have!!  God is good! 

All of the time!!  so I go on with mine!!  college educated but it's not odd,  I'm still hood! 

The material was still wood,  it's authentic!! it's not man made like artificial turf. 

Making a jack move but the material was hazardous according to naysayers;  told them this art is official,  for what its worth.

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