Monday, September 03, 2018

Richard Earnshaw feat. Ursula Rucker and Roy Ayers - Rise

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday!! Afternoon Jazz might be involved..

This is how it's going down on this Labor Day holiday; we'll put work in until the problem is solved..

Chilling like a villain / Louisvillian, but salve and ointment is needed by the Louisville Cardinals per the beat down they took from the Alabama Crimson Tide..

..Plus shady dealing continues per Trump refusing to release documents concerning Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court appointment, so what's up y'all? for freedom? we'll continue to ride..

As we slide through the portal we know how the sport will go!! thought and fashion police attack the clerics presiding over the Aretha Franklin funerals!!

Jasper Williams and Bishop Charles Ellis can tell it; what? it "ain't nothing nice" but this breakbeat scientific cleric  / bishop / professor will continue to ride down I-20 in Atlanta letting you know what it do / what it does!!

What's up cuz? they didn't fail us!! what? coping strategies and survival techniques as O-Zone freaks this like Richard Earnshaw feat. Ursula Rucker and Roy Ayers, he'll   Rise

Oh yes!! a little Afternoon Jazz in conjunction with Music Monday;  let the music play, as Monday motivation is provided! keep your eye on the prize!! 

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