Saturday, September 04, 2010

..Word From Mr. Cole..

The economy is bad!! it's a rat race!! please!! it's dog eat dog!

That's word from Mr. Cole!! old school brotha from Newburg..word received on the the the smoke and fog!

During the ongoing smoke and mirror show...whatcha know? back in the day rolling in the deuce and a quarter..hogging the road.

Whatcha know? these days? jackers control the interior and the perimeter..the package? return to sender..go off in another mode..

Following the street code..or operating in a discrete mode? finding out the karmic repercussions are heavy..

GPS tracking this and that!! in the heart of it..I fight back with the good word and the drum...percussions are heavy.

Gods will is heavy on some..they'll come undone...after he hits the reset button.

Dude wasn't heavy!! he's my brother!!
..that's word from The Hollies..what happened after the follies? Craigslist no longer has adult we're on default settings..who asked what's up with him?

The Sonic Assault hits up those forgetting the system was corrupting them..

Hell is caught out there..feeling the after shocks like Christchurch New Zealand....history repeating itself? somebody said it's nothing!!

It's not hard to tell like Nas.. all of us are going through something..feeling the pain..

It's not hard to fail..whatcha going through? horror..terror..feeling the reign..

Caught out there in the inclement weather..was it like Hurricane Earl? feeling the rain that's falling...

Oops upside the head like The Gap what's up man? where in a rat's dog eat dog...branches from the tree are falling..

Who has the persona of a dread? dipping through Afghanistan like the Taliban..or are some stalling?

Who are you calling? what it do? Lord Help Lord Help is the Battle Cry!!

Word from Mr. Cole..told me this world is a rat's dog eat dog!! why ask why?

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