Saturday, March 14, 2015

Doing The Math / Solving Problems PT.2

 I'm out here doing the mathematics;  I even wrote this on Pi Day

One day after #WorldSleepDay, not check the way I play!! I'm out here in the mainstream of mathematics, doing it my way. 

.....Per Sammy Davis Jr or Frank Sinatra;  as we holla atcha on 3-14-15. 

Pi is 3.1415 ..please!!  understand me, we won't misbehave with this!! we're not trying to shuck and jive!!  that's not how we're living. 

Just saw 3.14 pm on the clock as I write this;  earlier I saw 11:11 am. 

I'm not playing!!  this thing is serious!!  ongoing episodes keep me praying. 

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