Thursday, March 19, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (The TBT Edition)

Once again it's on!! check out these I-20 Chronicles the TBT Edition; it's based on rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!!  spring is in the air. 

Once again it's on!! check the Super Moon enhanced by the Spring Equinox / Total Eclipse  as a brotha dips!!  we're doing the damn thing,  but we know these fools won't play fair. 

I spotted them as they go there!!  talking slick like Mitch McConnell after the moves made by Republicans were borderline treason. 

I spotted them as they go there , wanting some to fail;  they're sick like Ebola, even though it's a new season. 

Out of order with mine based on what I believe in? naw!!  I'm just showing loyalty to the family  like homie in the Honda Accord. 

He was rolling down Candler Rd in Decatur rocking the New York Jets hat listening to Jadakiss;  representing NYC to the fullest!!  staying on one accord. 

....Paying prices I couldn't afford?  this brotha is due a rebate.

* Ain't nothing nice*  about this per Ferguson and other jurisdictions;  society will show hate. 

Thinking Twice like Donald Byrd is how some are working it when they show up for the debate...

Skating on thin ice? I heard that's how some were working it enhancing the global warming debate...

I-20 Chronicle business gets handled as we span the globe brainstorming!! it's not too late to make a difference!!  

What the response to these and those? O-Zone is back on Louisville / Newburg default settings per this Throwback Thursday; still hungry and thirsty as I  dip down I-20!! now repelling the fake and their belligerence!!

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