Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Tables Turned PT.1

I peeped game;  visualized the sequence, I saw what it do; damn!! the tables have turned..

Nu Mark; Gemini; Technics spin the vinyl or CD's; dub the cassette or CD's get burned...

Post MP3's to sites, meanwhile we drop these insights; they're based on breakbeat scientific  principles..

New marks established; rebuking  techniques and standards set by so called invincibles..

Embellishments crushed; like the Republican Party so called invincibles weren't Masters Of The Universe..

Hollywood types casting you for the role; those lines you'll have to rehearse...

Recognized the pattern;  egos?  due to the deliberate falsehood haters are bruising and battering!!   admitting that I went in reverse; retrograde..

Like Saturn; but now the tables turned!!!  I'm  blasting through the universe; retro-futuristic funk is played..

You heard me?  the tables turned but the wordsmith  O-Zone is coming from another dimension letting you know You'll Get Played; the atmosphere is toxic..

Hostile Takeovers are rebuked; we roll up with a small army; O-Dog will rock it...

Hustles? like Congress vs Obama concerning Iran haters will knock it; they haven't stopped it; that's what they do...

Jokers won't stop the stress!! check the drama, but they'll get what's coming to them!! that's what karma will do!! 

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