Friday, March 20, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (Friday Night Fight Edition)

Once again it's on!!! this is a Friday Night Fight Edition of this  I-20 Chronicle type of business; I'm fighting to keep my head above water!! this is  how it's going down. 

Once again it's on like ISIS attacks in Yemen and Iraq!! I continue to rock!! just doing what I do!! this is  the  response to these and those!!  the Brotha O is throwing down.

During the ongoing crisis? no semen was shared with the daughter of chaos,  I'm being what I need to be while I was caught in this moment of time.

Holding on during this March Madness, lower seeds will try to pull the upset!! so I'm seeing who I need to see while dipping down I-20 with these residents of Atlanta or those just passing through, we're caught in a moment of time.

What did they need from me? during this Spring Equinox, Solar Eclipse, Super Moon we're caught in a moment of time!!  

How did they read me? did they think I was a pushover? O-Dog rocks during this Friday Night Fight, while we're caught in a moment of time...

What did they need from me? I see them trying to get over in a life of crime!!  jokers were dipping!!  but the street code said don't meddle.

Meanwhile I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta going for mine!! soon chilling at the Mall of Stonecrest like so called Empire stars, I noticed the popular cliches written on homies t-shirt; keep calm, carry on and don't settle. 
 Rolling down I-20 in a discrete mode blasting the O-Dog street funk.

 ...Didn't sleep during the information overload I did the knowledge!!  meanwhile ATLiens called themselves getting crunk. 

Didn't creep; like Republicans vs Iran nuclear deals monkey ass jokers had the story twisted.

Still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on a Friday night chilling out!! during the ongoing fight the knockout message is delivered;   the drama is not revisited. 


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