Monday, March 30, 2015

The Tables Turned PT.2

That's what it do!! what?  the tables will turn, now some will get what's coming to them,  what goes around comes around..

What it do? the Sonic Assault is unleashed!!  me and O-Dog come with the sound...

The sound is based on the two turntables and a mic concept; low and high technical!! Blue Collar /  Mechanical Engineering..

This is how it's going down!! who learned the fables? who soaked in the regular scheduled programming? for a dollar they're victimized by social engineering!!

 It's going down!! it's frontline spiritual warfare business!! who's left spiritually broke / bankrupt?  Dave Ramsey said he has a plan...

Meanwhile the economy has me like Eric B and Rakim; thinking of a master plan.. 

Some are feeling the pressure like David Cameron!! what's up man? I even felt the pressure!!  it even seems I'm the king of pain per the Police...

On Martin Luther King Street in your town the police handle business like Ferguson; I guess a black man can't have no peace..

Maybe on Wall Street or Main Street?  they should follow the Master's Plan; but I doubt it..

Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck; at the switch? they'll have the traffic rerouted..

Escape routes we're taken;  dipped with a high velocity, but I had the speed you need!!  I see the tables have turned..

But I Took Pops advice;  true indeed, you've heard the old school cliche; no bridges were burned..

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