Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marinating / Cooling Out As The Seasons Change

Usually dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on some Chronicle type business. 

At the present time?  I'm just marinating / cooling out as I write this. 

Caught in a moment of time; Oh I continue to fight this spiritual warfare per Ferguson shenanigans;  there's always gonna be something. 

At the moment?  I'm marinating like meat going on the grill today /  tomorrow;  healing from the pain and sorrow,  the process is not complete!!  ain't that something. 

What's the deal?  hating like the Obama administration vs The Clintons? check the weather...seasons change as we approach the spring equinox.

What's the deal?  reasons change!!  damn there's always something,  but O-Dog still rocks.

Per the smoke and mirrors or fog? like Republicans sending letters to Iran the apparatus still knocks the hustle. 

We stay on point!!  this is no joke!!  we're on guard supposedly like NORAD!!  like Michael Jackson asked who's bad?  so what's up with ya?

We aren't the ones they'll anoint!! we weren't part of the latest fads or one of the hot topics...

Seasons change per the Spring Equinox; we just dealt with the polar vortex, soon it'll be hot like the tropics...

It seems strange, usually dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie not the Chevy Equinox!!  haters will try to mock this as the culture is disrespected...

Beats bang and this good word is dropped per marinating and cooling out; we're still outside the box, we disconnected...


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