Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chilling Out / Outside The Box (Concept Combo)

Somebody lied!! like old dude told me back in the day; standing on the corner in the hood; Chopping Game Up...

These days?  checked the attitude concerning the Deliberate Falsehood?  a brotha is chilling out keeping a low profile; I don't like my name to come up...

Knowing it's all game!! but  I'm trying to come up; trying to gain ground like ISIS in the Mideast..

It's all game; but per Selma / Edmund Pettus Bridge knowledge you know the civil rights catch phrase / cliche; there's no justice no peace..

That's what's up man!! I told you we're  Outside The Box; while others were concerned with Hillary Clinton's e-mails!!

..Or maybe the GOP taking shots at Obama by sending letters to Iran; please!!  brothas are always gonna be tested!! they want to see me and you fail!!

What's going on with me? I wasn't caught up in the drama!!  this brotha rested, chilling out!!  *I Was All Up In The House*

O-Zone had this good word while O-Dog manipulated the sounds but I know how it sounds; it's a contradiction to me being *Outside The Box*

The brotha is a *Parallel Dimension Dwella*  haters will get rocked by our Small Army..

Visualized The Sequence; I peeped this; somebody mentioned the ISIS / CIA / Mossad connection;   Who's Part Of The Conspiracy?

Haters try to come near me; the situation is out of control!! ear shattering gunshots exploded like it was Ferguson!!

....Plus I heard the belligerence; haters were contributing to the confusion...

Some were *Confused About Things*  but me and O-Dog used things!!  beats and rhymes? we've got plenty..

Funk is dropped; these brothas are Outside The Box; Dropping Knowledge is our top priority.. 

Chilling Out on This Throwback Thursday; Check This Out!! 

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