Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Crusaders - Fly With Wings Of Love (Live) (1981/Royal Festival Hall, London)

Sunday Jazz Continues; check it out!! excuse a dude for being in the ultimate chill mode!!

The saga / struggle continues; what it do? we're chilling out!! a dude is rebuking the ongoing shady deal mode!!

..wasn't holding my breath waiting on the truth to be told; going all out!! my intuition was working overtime..

Beholding the beauty, checked the vibe after it told me what it do / what it does; the mission of the system was to get over on mine!!

During this beautiful struggle? me and the tribe are above the clouds like Gangstarr mentioned!! playing it like this track by The Crusaders along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra called Fly With Wings Of Love (Live) (1981/Royal Festival Hall, London)

During this beautiful struggle? I'm playing this beautiful music!! check out the players and the track to see how it's orchestrated!! this is how we're responding!!

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