Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It Keeps Flowing PT.7 (The HumpDay Extravaganza Edition)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza; oh yes!! It Keeps Flowing!!  we'll hit the ground running...

The saga / struggle continues, getting over the hump is the business!! going for "what we're knowing" ; check the sound, we're funky drumming..

O-Dizzle is handling his business, plus the Chef O-Zone has the word salad to go along with the meal / main course..

What's the dizzle? shady business in this zone? Andrew McCabe saying Trump could be a Russian agent? it's par for the course..

What's the dizzle? had a moment or two so it'll keep flowing baby!!  y'all should know what it do!! this cat is blue collar,  a dude is trying to be productive.

What's the dizzle?  like Matthew Whitaker hired by Trump to help obstruct justice in the  SDNY the opponent tried to sabotage operations!! check the attitude / check the flow;  jokers were trying to corrupt it. 

What's the dizzle?  I guess the devil and his advocates could see what's up with it!!  this next level business is conducted. 

Humpday / Wednesday Motivation is provided out here where good and evil collided!! still breakbeat scientific, it keeps flowing!!  staying a step ahead before the next devil corrupted it. 

Check out these Wednesday thoughts in conjunction with these sonic assaults!! the sound?  O-Dizzle bumped it!!  weaponized like bump stocks that are supposedly banned. 

That's the dizzle!!  it's serious man!!  but no national emergency like Trump is declaring!!  O-Zone keeps sharing but from some social networks he was banned.

The reign began with a drizzle, but we'll keep going / It Keep's Flowing; we didn't quit / stop...

Pain vs pleasure caused plans to fizzle like drinks, soon we're on disaster brinks!! but we'll keep going / It Keep's Flowing; we didn't quit / stop...

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