Tuesday, February 05, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.10

It's going down on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, where things can go either way...

It's a blessing to be here to see all this though; it's way too real!! breakbeat scientific is how we'll play!!

Like Trump with the State of The Union address I'm asking, what's good? excuse me for being hood with it, but as I get breakbeat scientific I'm just trying to "holla at my kinfolk"

Beats will bump, plus I wrote this while Super 53 was in the ATL; it was way too real but I was trying to chill,  had to tell my constituents I've been broke!! 

Getting over the hump but not going for broke trying to impress the masses; I'm not out here swagging / flexing /  fronting and flossing.

Getting over the hump, but the inside joke is known!!  it was way too real!! O-Zone, along with some of his other constituents attended classes and seminars concerning bossing.

No coin tossing will determine the direction plus like Saudi Arabia in Yemen we're not giving away our weapons;  we're trying to get it how we're living,  like everyone likes to say.

So called anointed flossing? please!! it's way too real!!  reality is so unforgiving no matter what role you try to play.

 What will players on the roster bring to the table? preacher / teacher / politicians /  hustlers /  players on a mission or perpetuating a fable? it gets way too real,  reality is dissing!!

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday it can go either way; even if you're somewhat righteous,  soon in the dark wondering where the light is!!  in action?  some will be missing.

..plus hackers were phishing trying to find back channels.

Damn!! it gets way too real!! others tried to track us like DFLR of the Atlantic Council all about  sabotaging operations,  soon  lights blink on the instrument panels.

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