Monday, August 21, 2017

The Messy Essay PT.6

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Messy Essay PT.6:   What it do?  I'm visualizing the sequence!! per the Total Solar Eclipse ;  I can see it's all part of a bigger plan.   What it...

What Are You Talking About? PT. 10

We pulled into the parking spot rocking NASA approved sunglasses for the eclipse; some asked, what are we talking about? I told them we're going all out!!  might as well say we're in here!

We fooled around with parking lot pimping back in the day; on the set in dark shades, stalking about!!  we were out there.

O-Dog barking up the wrong tree? please!! O-Zone was on the path of totality dropping this math, totally after soaking up game from hustlers / players / pimps / preachers and teachers. 

Smoke / fog due to the sparking of flames? we can't hide, even in a cloak of invisibility reality will teach us. 

Jokers try to reach us but visibility in the smoke and mirrors was awful!! plus we're too far out /  intergalactic with it. 

Brokers try to reach us with the slick negotiations,  but they're erratic with it.

Broken beats and mathematics?  O-Dizzle is with it, plus is O-Zone  taking the baton from Dick Gregory?

Broken streets due to opioids and narcotics?  I'm peeping game,  how did the scheme/ plot get?  is it like Trump Afghanistan and opium?  what's really going on / happening? I pondered it while listening to DJ Gregory

What will the behavior be?  some ask me, what's up man?  what are you talking about? 

This beat slave will be putting it down;  breakbeat scientific!  going all out! 

Without a doubt!! this concept finale coincides with the Total Solar Eclipse..

It's also the anniversary of the Nat Turner Rebellion; plus others are telling some about the end of the world /  upcoming collapse..

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mindful Vibes - Episode 19 (Jazz Hop Mix) [HD]

Sunday Jazz Continues!!  What it do? we're trying to keep this train on the tracks....

You can spaz out here, it's on the menus from hell's kitchen!! that monkey / pain is on are backs..

We're trying to maintain out here!! to hell with bitching and moaning we're trying to make it happen..

The reign began with a drizzle, but the vibe is switching, O-Dizzle is going on with his bad self captain!!

Listening to Mindful Vibes  Episode 19 (Jazz Hop Mix) [HD] courtesy of Mindful Music

Check the vibes / playlist and the mix!! jazz and hip hop together? oh yes!! it's conducive..

01. tsunenori (Marukabis) - The Gift At Day’s End 0:00
02. Jazzinuf - My Life 02:46
03. Asa Greenwood - Dubious Character 05:45
04. Handbook - I'll Love Again 10:26
05. Cosimo Fogg - Life Is... 13:22
06. didi crazzz - Jazz Is Always Present 16:34
07. Marukabis - Fire Red Bird Whistle 18:32
08. Ackryte - Always Learning 22:20
09. d3tails - In the Past 25:28
10. Cody G. - Easy 28:16
11. Flamingosis - Since You Left 31:00
12. kiohudsanderson - Jook Joint Jones 34:08
13. Saib. - Together 37:03
14. Georgy Whistler - Mellow Moves 40:05
15. MAXGONZ - Impulse #1 42:57
16. DeKobe - Reflection 46:03
17. Birocratic - Guardian 50:07
18. KEEM.THE.CIPHER - Someone Special 52:14
19. Bonus Points - Lizard 54:33
20. MAXGONZ - Good Vibes 57:33

Leap of Faith - A Trip Hop Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues!! it's also the Total Solar Eclipse weekend!! it's going down y'all...

Chilling out in the lab, trying to get our minds right!! totally!! it's going down y'all...

Sonic rehab is taking place!! hopefully nobody's blinded by the light of the solar eclipse..

Rock the NASA approved sunglasses, while your son of God conducts classes before he has a relapse!!

Boundaries / genres collapse as I listen to  Leap of Faith,  A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

In a mood for hip hop and jazz; why not Trip Hop with jazz elements!! check out the playlist and the mix as I take a leap of faith as I drop this!! some may be confused or misinformed about the culture...

0:00 - Brace & Kabanjak - Everything We Do (feat. Hugo Kant)
05:08 - Kognitif - Whithout Her
07:51 - Fakear - Sombres jours
10:30 - Anitek - Tip Toe
12:42 - DJ Sav - Scare
16:07 - Void Pedal - Let It Fall
20:07 - Moby - A Case For Shame (with Cold Specks)
24:46 - Incise - Lift Off
26:21 - ASM (A State of Mind) - Dilemma (Instrumental)
29:32 - Quantic - Meaning
32:17 - Anitek - Mind Growth
35:17 - Superpoze - Snowpixel
36:36 - Glen Porter - I Sat Alone
39:06 - Arms and Sleepers - Matador
43:16 - Yaul - When Things go Bad
47:12 - DJ Sav - Total Extinction
49:56 - SmokedBeat - Melancolía
52:01 - Leaf - His Whole Life
55:15 - Bird - Nature Of The Beast

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Divide - A Deep Progressive House Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per what I like to call the Saturday Night Fever...
It's also Total Solar Eclipse Weekend, it's a bleak one for a non-believer..
Some will relapse; either they'll rock glasses not approved by NASA or they think it's the end of the world..
Regimes collapse like Steve Bannon and others leaving the Trump White House after the Charlottesville drama unfurled..
During the divide? peace will abandon ya! but beats thump as we get our minds right with this good house music..
Listening to The Divide - A Deep Progressive House Mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture ; check out the playlist and the mix as they drop this good music..

0:00 - German Brigante & Thomas Gandey - I Warned You
06:38 - David Lynch - Wishin' Well (Hot Since 82 Remix)
11:08 - Marc DePulse, Overnite, Hollis P Monroe- No Need To Worry (Freakme Remix)
17:15 - Noah Pred & Marc Deon - Your Signal
21:05 - Lokee - It's Not Right
25:03 - Flex Cop feat. Michael O. - Domino (Re-Flex)
29:49 - DJ Junior CNYTFK - Faith
33:31 - Andy Caldwell feat. David Poe - World Above
38:26 - Maceo Plex, Odd Parents - Learn To Fly (Maceo's Flight Home)
44:36 - Fur Coat-Fast Forward
49:18 - Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba - Brutus
54:08 - Tiga & Maya Jane Coles - Let's Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Dancing in the Dark Remix)
59:21 - Climbers - O.C.D. feat.Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Divide - A Deep Progressive House Mix

The Classics Vol. #2 Club House 2000’s Mixed by DJ Groove

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re acting like were at the club per  The Classics Vol. #2 Club House 2000’s Mixed by DJ Groove!! Check out the playlist and the mix!! 

01. (00:00) Coloursound – Fly With Me
02. (07:35) Martin Solveig vs. Salif Keita – Madan (Exotic Disco)
03. (13:01) Rachael Starr – Till There Was You (John Creamer & Stephane K)
04. (20:33) D*Note – Shed My Skin (Pete Heller’s Stylus Trouble)
05. (26:34) Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K – The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer)
06. (32:28) Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra – Touch Me
07. (39:03) Narcotic Thrust – Safe From Harm (Andy Morris & Stuart Chrichton Vocal)
08. (46:10) Amê – Rej
09. (51:00) Oxia – Domino
10. (1:01:01) Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemøller)
11. (1:04:25) DJ Rolando aka Aztec Mystic – Knights Of The Jaguar

The Classics Vol. #2 Club House 2000’s Mixed by DJ Groove | Whats Really Going On?

What Are You Talking About PT.9

It's going down!! just visualize the sequence!!  the drama is jumping off from Finland to Barcelona.

We're still putting it down!! admitting that he's out of sequence but the Brotha O-Zone will proceed and continue.

What are you talking about? I was asked, was it about Good Life Hustling like the t-shirt spotted at South Dekalb Mall? 

Please!! the hood is full of toil / strife due to hustle knocking,  but we're still rocking, so what's up y'all? 

Sho you right per Barry White!!   like Steve Bannon it's easy to take a fall, realizations occur per my Institute of Breakbeat Scientific Studies.

Insights are dropped while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  check out these random thoughts exposed in these chronicles. 

The response to these and those?  jokers are hacking like scientist are doing genes.  

The old school baptist preacher told me the devil will oppose!! confirmed when observed these scenes. 

Now I'm ready to roll but over here in Decatur an old fool leans and rocks with it, while  in NYC they diddy bopped.

 A hater leaked episodes like Fifty Cent did Power!!  O-Dizzle still hip hopped.

Actually he cosmic slopped, just trying to answer that question heard; what are you talking about?

This breakbeat science is dropped; word up for those that didn't know!! I see them stalking about..

Friday, August 18, 2017

Smooth Jazz and Rnb Mix Vol.11

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday and what I like to call Friday Night Fever..

Chilling out in the lab after a rough week, you don't wanna hear this roughneck speak!! some already play the role of a non-believer..

The outlook has been bleak for some!! the drama went down from Charlottesville to Barcelona..

Even over in Finland; what's the deal man? please!! the struggle is real!! act like you know bro!!

It's over for some man! per Steve Bannon? the post they'll abandon!! the mothership even stranded this brotha on earth!!

Cool; I'll just chill out listening to Smooth Jazz and Rnb Mix Vol.11 courtesy of  Dj Smooth Ride  formerly know as DJ Backline;  Gladys Knight, Paul Hardcastle, Chaka Khan, Sade and Chet Baker and others are in the mix!!  smooth with it when we ride, back with mine for what it's worth!!

Dario D’Attis - ‘Sunshine People’

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; plus, it's a time slot like to call Friday Night Fever!!

Digital? analog? both are manipulated in the lab!! as the music plays? don't say O-Dizzle is not an over achiever...

What it do? hated on by an under achiever? O-Zone sprays these breakbeat scientific principles based on 20 /20 hindsight...

Episodes replay due to Flashback Friday! a non-believer keeps doing the same thing over and over until they get their mind right...

Modes of transportation / transformation? vehicles are memories of the past or dreams of the future!! the limelight doesn't matter...

Listening to Dario D'Attis with‎ Sunshine People!  memories of the past? sampled from Brass Construction's Happy People!! get your shine right, ignore the dark matter..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Dario D’Attis - ‘Sunshine People’

Brass Construction - " Happy People "

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, so a dude is trying to be in compliance..

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!!  check out the low budget soul!! a dude was manipulating pawn shop appliances!!

Accused of being defiant, futuristic not in the present dealing with it!! hey!! I'm just doing what I do...

Chill with the justice obstruction!! from Charlottesville to Barcelona it's on again, so what it do? 

Listening to Brass Construction's Happy People, some act like they knew, saying  it's positive over negative..

Sunshine people we are,  shining on / moving on?  is it that Friday Feeling?  I see how they do!! I guess it's how we're supposed to live...

Defected Radio Show: Guest Mix by DJ S.K.T – 18.08.17

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday!! it’s going down like this!!

You should know how we do, previously? I told you!! we’ll get retro-futuristic!!

Taking it back to the future!! accused of being futuristic back in the day so maybe the world can catch up…

Listening to  the Defected Radio Show: Guest Mix by DJ S.K.T – 18.08.17, disco, soul music and house music they’ll batch up.. 

Per this Sonic Assault? areas are disinfected after we were disrespected!! now we can catch up on our pimping..

Check out the playlist and the mix!! from Charlottesville to Barcelona people are caught up in the mix!! life is not a simple thing!!

01.Sandy Rivera ‘I Can’t Stop’ (Dis Dis Dis) (Dario D’Attis Rework) [Defected]
02.CamelPhat & Elderbrook ‘Cola’ [Defected]
03.Sandy Rivera ‘Faded’ (Sandy Rivera Dub) [Defected]
04.Ejeca ‘Firework’ [Defected]
05.Warren Clarke featuring Kathy Brown ‘Over You’ (ATFC Club Mix) [Defected]
06.Gershon Jackson ‘Huggin’ & A Luvin’ (Chocolate Puma Remix) [Defected]
07.MOST RATED: Dario D’Attis ‘Sunshine People’ [Defected]
08.Jordan ‘Apogee’ [Defected]
09.David Penn ‘Yeah Yeah’ (Original Mix) [Urbana Recordings]
10.FTLOH: Ralphi Rosario featuring Donna Blakely ‘Take Me Up’ (Lego’s Mix) [Cha Cha Boom! Records]
11.Josh Butler ‘Be Somebody’ (Dario D’Attis Remix) [Defected]
12.DJ Fudge ‘Mechouga’ (K2 Remix) [Soulfuric Trax]
13.Eli Escobar ‘Muzik’ [Classic]

Defected Radio Show: Guest Mix by DJ S.K.T – 18.08.17 | Whats Really Going On?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 165 (RIOT's Road to Uncaged - Toronto Mix) [#COTW165

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but this dude wouldn't play fair...
Retro-futuristic with it!! taking it back to the future; oh yes!! taking it there..
Music? we can use it to get our minds right!! jazz, funk, hip hop or soul music!! it didn't matter..
At the moment? we're trying to get our minds right,  listening to some electro!! mind over matter?
Thoughts scatter but they're collected; don't you feel it? it's electric!! we're listening to Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 165 (RIOT's Road to Uncaged - Toronto Mix) [#COTW165]   
Check out the playlist and the mix!! these cats our a monster with that!! it's wild , it's a riot!! it's all the way live..
🎹 Tracklist
00:00:41 RIOT - Disorder
00:04:03 Astronaut & Far Too Loud - War (F.O.O.L & Didrick Remix)
00:07:41 Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp
00:11:54 Lets Be Friends - Manslaughter (VIP Mix)
00:16:56 Rogue - Rattlesnake
00:20:47 Pegboard Nerds - BAMF (RIOT Remix)
00:24:57 Aero Chord - Surface
00:28:56 Lets Be Friends - FTW
00:33:08 Dirtyphonics x RIOT - Got Your Love
00:36:51 Case & Point - Savage [Monstercat Throwback]
00:40:21 Pegboard Nerds - Heartbit (ft. Tia)
00:43:02 Tokyo Machine - CRAZY
00:45:47 Gareth Emery & Standerwick - Saving LIght (ft. HALIENE) [NWYR Remix] [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:48:42 Pegboard Nerds x Quiet Disorder - Move That Body (Soltan Remix)
00:52:20 Stonebank - Feel It
00:56:59 Conro - Remedy 

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 165 (RIOT's Road to Uncaged - Toronto Mix) [#COTW165

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 109

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; at the moment we’re trying to lounge!!

It’s been a rough day; we need to take a break from the action!! we’re trying not to hemorrage!!

There’s so much drama in the ATL, coping strategies will fail!! actually? the drama is worldwide..

Chilling out in lab, trying to catch our breath, soon we’ll be ready to roll / ready to ride..

In the meantime and between time we’re listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 109  courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power

Check out the playlist and the mix!! drink the potion / elixir!! it’s good to the last drop / last hour..

Track List:
1.Konstantin Klashtorni – I Feel It Coming
2.Casiopea – Fascination
3.David Beɳoit – miles after dark
4.Down To The Bone – Future Boogie
5.Fingerprints – What Were You Thinking
6.Jazz Holdouts – Night Mist
7.Alex Cortiz – Barfly
8.Love Suggestions – Mirrors
9.Matt Marshak – The After Party
10.Mezzoforte – Fusion Blues
11.Michael E – Oshun
12.Ronny Smith – In The Rain With You

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 109 | Whats Really Going On?

The Messy Essay PT.5

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Messy Essay PT.5: It's going down like this!! but they said I was a hot mess, I told them to just call me the hot messenger. Coming through with this m...

What Are You Talking About PT.8

I heard the question; they asked me,  what was I talking about?

I told them I was reading the TelePrompTer,  as those who were violating stalked about. 

Jokers were violating, straight up and down!!  as I use the old school hip hop cliche.

Appropriate for this Throwback Thursday?  somebody said I was stuck in the 90's,  I need to clear the cache. 

I call it Throwback / Thirsty Thursday because I'm still hungry and thirsty,  which provides fuel for this expedition. 

Trump business councils collapse but blue collar style work will be done by this dude!!  I'm not in the dog eat dog / rat race mentioned by Mr Cole!  I'm not out on I-20 in Atlanta during rush hour racing that fool in the Ford Expedition. 

He's playing it like Lightning McQueen, out there swerving!!  somebody heard him say it's all about a dollar. 

Tow Mater observing the scene, waiting on the crash? others  didn't do the knowledge! Marvin Gaye said it makes you wanna holler. 

Sooner or later per Larry Graham?  some will understand!! holler if you hear me per Tupac.. 

The tune from a hater? damn!! they're still asking this dude what are you talking about!!

I told them to look around, then they wouldn't be asking me they would be on the same page..

I told them to look around, constituents will get abandoned like white supremacists dissed by Steve Bannon; were they on the same page?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 108

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza! it’s been a long day..

Still a lot of hating!! the saga / struggle continues from Charlottesville to your ville, damn!! it’s the wrong way..

Still not relating, I’m trying to chill out after dealing with the madness in a spot where reason gave way to madness..

Asking myself WTF (What’s That Foolishness)? but I’m not acting brand new with this!!

Chilling,  listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 108 , courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power

Check out the playlist and the mix, perfect for this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we’re chilling until the last hour…

Track List:
1. Shakatak – moɳtecito ɳigɧts (HD) smootɧ jazzy mix
2.Duncan Millar – Blue Cool
3.Duncan Millar – Smokee Vibes
4.Duncan Millar – The Groove
5.Dwayne Kerr… – Strollin
6.ray obiedo – cɧa la islaɳd (HD) by jazzy club♪
7.cɧieli miɳucci – ɳigɧt grooves (HD) passioɳate ʝazz by jazz
8.Spyro Gyra – Bright Lights
9.Euge Groove – Take You Higher
10.Tim Bowman – I’ll Be There
11.Tim Bowman – Motor City Shuffle
12. ɳth of fuɳ – ricardo silveira – tell me about it (HD) cancún mix by jazzy

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 108 | Whats Really Going On?

Herbie Hancock ‎– Death Wish

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We’re listening to some jazz funk / soul jazz  from Herbie Hancock ‎ with a song called  Death Wish!!

This is the main title from the Death Wish movie featuring Charles Bronson!!  Somebody said it was “Smooth jazz to kill muggers to”. ok!!  Check it out!!
Herbie Hancock ‎– Death Wish | Whats Really Going On?

The Messy Essay PT.4

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Messy Essay PT.4: Check out how it's going down!! we're in the midst of another HumpDay Extravaganza.. Your dude will respond with this Messy Essay...

What Are You Talking About PT.7

So what's the deal? they asked this dude, what are you talking about? this is HumpDay Extravaganza type of business that's going down.

So what's the deal? what's the attitude? a portal opened up!!  players were like Colin Kaepernick hoping the sport would open up,  so they can put it down.

So what's the deal? what's the attitude? abort your mission bro!! that's what I was told as I got breakbeat scientific on this Wednesday.

So what's the deal? what's the attitude? I was on a mission bumping heads with American Gods like Wednesday.

Some feel me;  it's like bumping heads with American squads led by Richard SpencerDavid Duke and them.

...Endorsed by Donald Trump meanwhile beats will bump plus with this good word? the Brotha O-Zone will rebuke them.

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza?  we rebuke those that are out here violating,  straight up and down.

Check out these juke joint / underground vibes!! we unleash the Sonic Assault!! we fight battles with the sound.

Nuclear promises like North Korea?  soon wannabe pimps and players get ran off the set like Jason Kessler in Charlottesville.

Empty promises have them asking have you seen her? just like the ChiLites,  but their hearts will know the deal.

What are you talking about? that's what I was asked,  as the premises were invaded by the arch nemesis;  real deal Holyfield type of scenarios go down!!

 What are you talking about? that's what I was asked, as in the background I here that jam from Loose Ends telling fools to slow down.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Azymuth ‎– Fênix (Ron Trent Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; there’s a few hours left in what I like to call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Bad day? good day? a little bit of both? we’re trying to finish the day strong!! let the music play!!

What will I play? jazz / funk / soul / hip hop / house music!! it’s all conducive when we’re trying to get our minds right!!

How will I play? not trying to spaz because of the Earth Wind and Fire ways of the world!! as the drama unfurled we’re trying to get our minds right!!

What will I play? at the moment I’m listening to Azymuth ‎ with a track called Fênix (Ron Trent Remix)

Check it out!! Let’s Go!! these cats have been putting it down from the ‘70s onwards!! extra flavor is provided with Ron Trent on the mix!!

Azymuth ‎– Fênix (Ron Trent Remix) | Whats Really Going On?

90´s hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...
Positive or negative outcomes? influenced when a dude pulled out the drums!! Let The Music Play!!
What it do? music will take us to another place, away from the rat race / dog eat dog mentioned by Mr. Cole..
What it do? excuse me for being in another place; I still listen to the oldies from the 80's and 90's; that's how I roll...
What it do? I'm listening to this  90´s hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop courtesy of San Francischool1989.
Hooked up another 90's hip hop mix earlier, that's how I work it bro!! check out the playlist and the mix for this one!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: 90´s hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop

Glitterbox Radio Show 020: w: David Morales

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, some know the business..

Positive or negative outlook? good or bad day? sometimes both!! somebody knows what the deal is!!

Somebody will feel this, as we put it down!! Jazz, Funk and Soul music will be conducive...

Somebody will feel this, as we put it down!! almost spazzing out here because peace is elusive..

It's rough out here!! the evidence is conclusive, as we bear witness!! chilling out in the lab in a peacful enviroment listening to Glitterbox Radio Show 020: w: David Morales 

Check out the playlist and the mix!! they usually feature those Disco, House music and Jazz, Funk and Soul music styles!!

01. Richie Havens - Going Back To My Roots (Jay-K's Extended Club Edit)
02. Shaboom - Totally (David Morales Alternative Vocal Mix) [Atlantic]
03. Qubiko - Disco Connection [OVNI Music]
04. Joey Negro - Distorting Space Time [Z Records]
05. Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy (Classic Club Remix) [Sony Soho Square]
06. Mariah Carey - Dreamlover (Def Club Mix) [Columbia]
07. Debbie Jacobs - Don’t You Want My Love [MCA Records]
08. David Morales Presents The Face - Needing U [Manifesto]
09. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You [Roulé]
10. Grampa - Sound Of Music Is (Original Mix) [Madhouse Records]
11. Eli Escobar - Happiness Pt 2 (Kon’s Discofied Remix) [Classic Music Company]
12. Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake The Feeling [Prism]

What Are You Talking About? PT.6

They ask me, what am I talking about? I had a free moment or two,  now I write letters to myself like the Chi-Lites. 

They ask me, what am I talking about? I told them the devil is the opponent!! he's mad because I drop theses insights!! old school stereo component sets are used per the digital crate digging. 

Old school analog renderings are analyzed,  with DNA lifted!!  a sonic biopsy soon led to healing. 

That old fool O-Dog is musing / meandering sending messages in the songs!!  a message in a bottle like Gil Scott Heron? 

An old fool over on Glenwood Road in Decatur sipped from the bottle that was in the brown bag!  others in the metro area self medicate with that meth or heroin!

An old rule mentioned no last minute heroics,  you can't trust to luck per Ms Peters. old school fourth grade teacher,  but like Hebrews 2:4  I believe in  signs, wonders, and miracles!!  word from the old school preacher plus I see what the street does. 

An old fool will support and chastise his constituents like Trump and White Nationalists..

An old fool finds the sport is complex!! the constitution only guarantees so many rights and privileges..

Class / school is in session as we come with the next!! check these Tuesday Thoughts straight from the Institute Of Breakbeat Scientific Studies!!

Classic aggression on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday or any day! answering the question asked; what are you talking about? there are no armchair quarterbacks in these huddles!!