Sunday, November 13, 2022

It's Going Down / We’re Putting It Down Like This!! (Part Nine)

It's Going Down!! even as this Sunday morning shifts into Sunday afternoon catch us Putting It Down Like This!

Of course we're still out here on the frontline of spiritual warfare, as the saga / struggle continues!  we continue to fight this!

Rejuvenated, now like Democrats in the Mid-Term Elections were showing and proving /  moving and grooving you know! we resonate veins of being!

Illuminated? we did the mathematics plus peeped game put down by MAGA style fanatics, now a rebellious nature after hearing / seeing. 

Turmoil in fertile soil? brewed like bootleg liquor / moonshine in Kentucky backwoods or fabricated like steel in a foundry or smelter. 

My blood will boil, trying to figured out what's up y'all? up in Kentucky they re-elected Rand Paul instead of moving forward with Charles Booker!! we recoil due to the ongoing helter- skelter.

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus even though at the moment we're listening to Heltah Skeltah with Operation Lockdown rocking the sound, meanwhile the raven queen will obfuscate her constituents.

It's going down, she's putting it down like that and this!! she became dark / wicked, some said ill with it.

It's going down, the daughter of chaos? she's putting it down like that and this!! out there like Kari Lake due to being power hungry exhibiting the symptoms of the agony of ecstasy. An information overload / overdose of reality? in more ways than one; some knew what the deal would be!!
Check the breakbeat scientific mode, it's going down / we're putting it down like this!!
This good word and the beat is dropped!!  it's going down / we're putting it down like this!!

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