Friday, November 04, 2022

It's Going Down / We’re Putting It Down Like This!! (Part Five)

 On this Fabulous Friday / Flashback Friday conjunction? check us out as concepts are revisited like upcoming family reunions per the approaching holiday season!

It’s going down! check the functions, we’re putting it down like this! taking the next step / hitting the reset button during this Scorpio Season!

It’s going down, we’re putting it down like this but like GOP election deniers the sport is full of treason! in Atlanta I spotted homie; after seeing the street pharmacist dude exhibited a demonic smile!

Soon he’s trying to clown, he walked amongst the TV Series like Walking Dead soon evolving into beautiful funerals and graves; the preacher mentioned they were good people during the eulogy! damn! that’s some kind of lifestyle! It’s going down! he’s putting it down like that and this! he balled out there in a kaleidoscope of shadows. It’s going down! but the devil and his advocates were busy so he stalled out there! a state of lost hope, but at home in the shadows.

Out there waiting in the dark, vehicles in park but check out what we spark as we put it down like this!

Of course we’re getting breakbeat scientific dropping this good word and per digital crate digging? dropping the funky sound like this!

But you should know how life is, the highs and the lows! earlier? life was sun drenched but sometimes the sky is darkening.
Soon we all felt the sting of rain, the mood changed; another storm in life harkening? The arch nemesis is on the premises per a drowning sorrow, the reign / rain that began with a drizzle byproduct? Some clowning making empty promises but secretly laughing at our pain, but positivity? oh yeah it’s still going down/ we’re still putting it down like this! it’s still our conduct.

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