Saturday, November 19, 2022

Life Is A Marathon / We Kept On Running PT. 6

 Life is a marathon, we kept on running like my brothers from Africa who win the Peachtree Road Race every Fourth of July here in Atlanta.

Once again its on! we're still funky drumming and good word dropping ; its a big world  / universe somebody will understand a brotha!

Once again its on, life is a marathon we kept on running! but we'll have to admit we're out here in uncharted territory.  

Damn! caught out there in the system  / matrix like GOP election deniers succumbing to the doctrine of those that'll fake it, will they lead me to temptation?

Life is a Marathon but you can catch us doing the math; wow! the situation is fathomless / murky..

..and quirky; but we kept on running knowing the work will be hard but we'll rise to the occasion. 

The joint? we're casing it soon rocking it like The Poor Righteous Teachers but accused of being bootleg preachers. 

Old girl over on Candler Road in Decatur actually said I looked like a preacher I missed my calling I told her I was out of range its hard to reach us!

Life is a Marathon we kept on running, giving a blow by blow description with this good word; this poem? its quirky but similar to coffee shop conversations.

Once again its on! per Steve Miller time keeps on slipping / slipping / slipping into the future! the hours fly by, we're asking, how long are the days?

 Contemplating while Digital Crate Digging or O-Dog Day Partying? The days are not long enough per my observations. How do you say goodbye? Its not like James Ingram counting to one hundred there are only so many ways.

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