Saturday, November 12, 2022

FULL VINYL | 80s Disco Set | YoshimRIOT@Karnells Soul Bar

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this overcast afternoon here in Atlanta as remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole linger. 

The saga  / struggle continues, sounds will blast and the good word is dropped like this funk that'll linger. 

Especially since this is all intergalactic; out there?  the green ones went first soon followed by the blue ones. 

Aliens? oh yeah they're back with it out here in their habitat! just exiting the mothership to disrobe the stars. 

One of the international  / intergalactic players was bit by her thorns, who? one of the blue ones!

She was the daughter of chaos! she giggled and he wondered why as he rubbed the green scars. 

Meanwhile we're back down to earth chilling out in bars like over in Nagoya Japan listening to FULL VINYL | 80s Disco Set | YoshimRIOT@Karnells Soul Bar courtesy of The Moment!

Check out the playlist and the set it's going from Japan to Atlanta understand a brother? enjoy the moment!!

00:00 | intro

 00:16 | Let's Go Dancin' / Sparque [1981] 

 04:52 | The Crown / Gary Byrd and the GB Experience [1983] 

 08:38 | Tell Me That I'm Dreaming / Was (Not Was) [1981] 

 13:11 | Dance All Night(Till You Get it Right) / Kenny Bee [1980]

 17:12 | Thousand Finger Man / Candido [1979] 

 21:08 | Quick Slick / Syreeta [1981]

 26:02 | Weekend (Larry Levan Remix)/ Class action [1983]

 30:45 | Zulu / The Quick [1981] 

 36:18 | I Love You Dancer / Voyage [1980] 

 40:25 | Handsome Man / Sparkle Tuhran & Friends [1979]

 44:31 | There's Never Been (No One Like You) / Kenix feat. Bobby Youngblood [1980] 

 49:44 | last cut


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