Sunday, November 27, 2022

Life Is A Marathon / We Kept On Running PT. Ten

 The Sunday morning service just confirmed my suspicions; life is a marathon but we kept on running!

 Naysayers? "Buking and Scorning" but no bridges are burned we just drop this good word on them plus we kept on funky drumming!

Like Casey Kasem succeeded by Ryan Seacrest per America's Top 40 Hits the hits keep on coming; we're out here stressing these cold hard lessons. 

Polar vortex style? seems that way, but life is a marathon we kept on running but its still foul! but blessings?

Just around the corner, happiness around the bend per the Main Ingredient so yeah! success soon found!

I'll predict it, work towards it trying to manifest it; we're putting it down like this; Its Going Down!

But as we  kick it out here on the spiritual warfare frontlines I'll have to admit I abandoned my post; sometimes I was way way out there, at home in that alternate universe. 

Oh! I know life is a marathon and I kept on running but life took my to local  / national  / international and intergalactic  frontiers but it's just around the corner from the real deal. 

Once again its on! staying evermore? please! it'll be a situation where worse comes to worst!

In the background I'll cue up Dilated Peoples "Worse Comes To Worst My People Come First" !!  per the energy burst we're out there playing but the score doesn't count, now that's a shady deal!

Trying to keep it real compared to what per Les McCann and Eddie Harris check this Sunday Jazz reference!

Trying to keep it real, life is a marathon so we kept on running trying to make a difference!

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