Sunday, September 26, 2021

Way Way Out There! (The Saga / Struggle Continues) Part Two

 Another tangent dweller, way way out there in another zone.  thus the name O-Zone! 

They’ll damn it if we do or don’t, quitting / stopping? we  won’t! earlier I mentioned filling the void so once again it’s on!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; damn!  that seems to be my mission statement!

On this Sunday morning? gratitude is shown on these menus, it’s a blessing to be here even though the devil is mad! still out here showing hatred!

Saturday Night? Oh!! It Was Date Night! all out on I-20 in Atlanta taking a drive through the city! That’s right, left the remote outpost for a moment, strawberry kisses on the menu? if not? it’s a pity! Way way out there with my date who’s popular, a don’t quit / don’t stopper plus it’s something about her scent! Haters? they’ll take it there! check the bad breaks / setbacks and obstacles while traveling; damn! do we still need a Green Book? besides dealing with speed bumps / traffic calming devices we’re stopped at a tollbooth by a crook / gatekeeper / devil who’s hell bent.

…trying to debate us but we're left to our own devices!  now this sound is weaponized as Sunday Jazz Continues!!  might hook up Heaven Sent by Howard Hewitt and  Stanley Clarke, vehicles no longer in park as we take it way way out there! excuse us for enhancing these grey area scenarios..

We're out here by the border, but not where Haitians were being disrespected,  not those kind of scenarios..

The Usher wannabe said I was out of order, futuristic per the O-Dog Podcast! check the sessions, this camp has zero tolerance for a slow jam...

We usher in a new era due to being way way out there! check these sessions as the good word is dropped plus house music is combined wih jazz; we didn't spaz, so what’s up man? 

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