Sunday, September 05, 2021

Remote Outpost Musings (Part Three)

 Check out these remote outpost musings as we rebuke bent truths that were bent out of shape, finally broken to pieces.

It was far from amusing, some were sick with it / slick with it; so called innocent white lies hid dark secrets. While cruising through the universe after launching from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta we noticed reality made some abandon their shameless dreams. Will it be like Trump January 6th insurgents finally facing repercussions for the plots / schemes?

Beats bump while cruising Atlanta streets per this Labor Day Holiday Weekend, while reflecting about democracy being broken like machines at that abandoned factory.. ..or like a mirror reflecting the reign of terror as shameless dreams spill over into reality! Horror / terror! some of my constituents were haunted as runaway whispers echo like rain! Tomorrow? please! we’re out here dealing with today! trying to maintain / mute the pain!

Check these remote outpost musings, but will some attain an eternal summer? maybe, for some it’ll be. Through the galaxy we’re cruising as Fall Equinox approaches, a turning point that encroaches? some are forgetting. As we soak up these Virgo sun rays, we’re reminded that for the summer September is considered the final sojourn. We’ll proceed and continue into the fall, some are ready! remember the summer doldrums one said! crazy love was never felt, so no lesson learned!

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