Thursday, September 16, 2021

Remote Outpost Musings (Part Eight)

 It’s going down on a Thankful Thursday, so called because it’s a blessing to be here!

Throwback Thursday business is also handled, retro futuristic when we go there!

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, we’re dropping the sound.. these remote outpost musings, Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible type assignments we’re choosing; this is how it’s going down!

But we know how it’s going down out there! we’re in danger of capture on these roads traveled! Seeking serenity, enjoying the scenery! spots are alluring but peace was disturbed! soon it all unraveled.. ..during the soul storm; winds of change blow through like Tropical Storm Nicholas, now like Covid 19 vaccine substitutes like ivermectin some are absorbing the poison that’s supposedly an antidote. It’s not the norm! now some curse and pray to the light, blessings recondite? waiting in the dark was their comfort zone but everybody has an opinion, like the California Recall Election with Gavin Newsom vs Larry Elder caste a vote..

At the moment? these remote outpost musings will provide insight as we exercise power!

We're on it!! who'll understand a brotha? a foul one will try to track us but they need to check the tracklist and the mix as we drop the sound per this Throwback Thursday, it's right on time, at the right hour!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues,  check us out as we continue to come left to center with it...

Playing left field, if I played center field I would make basket catches like Willie Mays did..

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