Saturday, December 07, 2013

Way Way Out There; The Saga / Struggle Continues

The saga / struggle continues;  you have to admit....even though the unemployment rate dropped...they still have us coming and going! 

A brotha is trying to work it out per Willie Hutch..O-Dizzle is
funky drumming!  meanwhile O-Zone is going for what he's knowing! 

...even though I'm going through those changes per Buddy Miles you might spot me way way out there! 

...acting like I knew!!  chilling!!  no bloody files!!  I didn't go there! 

Acting like I knew... dealing with muddy styles!!  Georgia Red Clay per Freddie Hubbard? 

Acting like I knew....with the Muddy Waters blues styles!! but
sharks and piranhas were in deep and shallow waters!!  that's whats up! 

Way way out there!!  trying to avoid the corrupt..but the drama is intergalactic!! damn!!  they've moved out this way! 

Way way out there!!  a step or two ahead of a fanatic!!  trying to keep them out of my way!

I see how they play out there!! it ain't nothing nice!! even a statesman like Nelson Mandela can be considered a terrorist...

I see how they play..its rough out there...spotted the Atlas 5 rocket with the top secret satellite...jokers "ain't right" ...whose fair with this? 

We continue to go there...facing battles like the Seahawks-49ers.. where will you find us? please..were way way out there..

We continue to go there...the trunk rattles in the hooptie...usually found where the truth will be...breakbeat science we share...




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