Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Local , National, International, Intergalactic)

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! some are gonna learn today!! per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? class is in session. 

Local / national / international / intergalactic? reality is the best teacher trying to reach ya with moves that are even passive aggressive per the classic aggression. 

Some act irrational, a straight up fanatic!! even O-Dog has a stubborn character,  he has a passion!!  he keeps doing what he does. 

O-Zone? he's trying to determine whether he was being built or torn down per debatable circumstances,  but still doing what he does. 

In this ATL zone? per the Atlanta Mayoral Race a clone does what it does!!  Mary Norwood supported by Caesar Mitchell and Shirley Franklin?

 Keisha Lance Bottoms an angry black woman?  a deliberate falsehood per systematic procedures!! charge it to the game, some say it's all about those Benjamin Franklins..

From the top to the bottom? check the false positives after the house of cards collapsed.

Per Kevin Spacey?  meanwhile some say space will be the place but from the Bluff to the bottoms /  from the trap house to the crack house? per the opioid epidemic constituents relapsed.

Started at the bottom now we're here per Drake, but I'm rolling down I-20 in  Atlanta doing the mathematics in time capsules avoiding the fake  bumping So Ruff So Tuff by Roger and Zapp!!

Rolled through the streets of Atlanta, breakbeat scientific meandering continues!!  its a big world / universe!!  somebody will understand a brotha dropping this and that..

Rolled through the streets of Atlanta per these I-20 Chronicles dealing with this and that from a local, national, international and intergalactic perspective..

Like Trump and Russia plus the support for Roy Moore we see the response to these and those, the score; the masses will be disrespected..

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