Friday, December 29, 2017

HomeTown | Jazzy HipHop

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, also the last Friday in 2017..

The holiday season is coimg to a close to a close as I  hit you up with the prose after observing the scene..

What does it all mean? my constituents are trying to figure it out, with hopes that 2018 will be a good year..

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta I see the moon growing, it’ll be a Full Moon in Cancer on New Years Day..

Astrologers call it a Super Moon / Wolf Moon , meanwhile I’m chilling listening to a smooth tune or two; let the music play!!

Listening to HomeTown | Jazzy HipHop courtesy of Fantastic Music; check out the playlist and the mix!!  for chilling out? it’s conducive..

Chilling out; my home town team Louisville beat by Kentucky? me and my kinfolk are feeling some kind of way!! peace is elusive…

♫ Tracklist ♫

00:00 Pslam Tress – Crystal Silence
03:09 Gorila – Akaido
05:39 Remulak – On The Atlas
08:40 Tesk – Green Stamps
11:15 less.people – Plenty
14:11 Limes – Cocktails
15:51 enjo – No Thoughts
18:12 Pabzzz – Delicious
20:43 Philanthrope, Omaure, Flitzsuppe – Halftime
22:34 Limes РBlas̩
25:15 burbank – lemonade
26:36 Bassti – Der Dritte
27:38 gny – reinvented with these
29:30 Psalm//Trees – Frank Again
31:34 Bassti – Bex
33:34 Kupla – Jazz Cats
35:58 Flitz&Suppe x Philanthrope – Solitude
38:04 BluntOne – Sahasrara
39:36 Jazzinuf – MILKSHAKE
HomeTown | Jazzy HipHop | Whats Really Going On?

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