Thursday, December 28, 2017

Seasons / Reasons (Throwback Thursday Edition)

During these seasons? we're caught in a moment of time; it's a good time to collect random thoughts. 

Sure, there are reasons! Throwback Thursday reflections while caught in a moment of time? oh yes!!  soon coming correct with Sonic Assaults. 

Sure, there are treasons! Trump Twitter reflections? reasons for rejections of caught up in the system / matrix notions? oh yes!!  but of course! 

Like Roy Moore trying to slow the Doug Jones roll inspection was received from the thought and fashion police; but it's par for the course. 

Checked the score, O-Zone did the mathematics; breakbeat scientific courses of study continue,  reasons for reflecting on 2017 as it comes to an end. 

Checked the score, wins and losses calculated!! still one of the best years I've had in a while!! oh, a lot of good people went home including Amanda Davis last night!! per the insight I still felt like I was moving forward from beginning to end.

During these seasons? some say I misbehave with this!! still moving forward with the good word and a funky blend,  trying to bring my constituents with me. 

What were the reasons? like ISIS hitting up Kabul some will act a fool!! some heard that it's rough out here!!  well it is,  but I tell them God is with me. 

During the crisis I took some to school!! I told them to act like they knew, God's with them too!!  but damn!!  they act odd with me.

During the crisis I took some to school!! told them to act like they knew!! per Throwback Thursday and Michael Jackson?  rock with me!

Oh yes the system will knock me and your hustles,  but due to being hungry and thirsty some of us will exercise that mental muscle..

Healing during these seasons!!  we know the reasons,  due to internal and external battles / struggles..

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