Friday, December 29, 2017

Seasons / Reasons (Flashback Friday Edition)

Seasons change as the holiday season comes to a close; it's going down,  per my favorite catch phrase / cliche!  you should know how I do it. 

Reasons change for some as the morale was low;  it's going down, but we're still on a mission!  check out the movement. 

2017 is coming to a close as cities plan celebrations; NYPD will heighten security while Atlanta will have Jeezy, TLC and Tyrese..

2018 is approaching, like Jason Kidd this veteran in the game is now coaching!!  this is considered a mission statement, probably monitored by the thought and fashion police..

What's up kid?  check out the movement;  we'll groove with it!  plus the good word is dropped. 

Seasons / Reasons change but we're still on a mission, still getting breakbeat scientific!! excuse your dude, as he cosmic slopped. 

Per the Funkadelic on this Flashback Friday!  why pray? please!! the cosmos never stopped blessing them and those, even though we all have different seasons. 

Psychedelic with the LSD flashbacks?  like Roy Moore refusing to concede the devil opposes,  stressing them and those!!  check the different treasons. 

Snitches run and tell it per next level notions!! different reasons like money, security or safety provide fuel for the vehicle. 

Priority shifts per next level dramatics? China caught red handed providng fuel to North Korea? check the scenario as emotions or feelings made some act a fool!  we see how they do! 

We act like we knew dropping these mathematics rebuking fanatics that tried to slow our roll like Apple with the iPhones.. 

Different seasons will bring out different reasons for these fanatics!! endeavors are threatened,  even O-Zone's!

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