Monday, December 11, 2017

Tools / Tricks Of The Trade PT.4

Digital crate digging continues, plus I was Sunday Jazzing;  but this good word dropping is also part of the process. 

The saga / struggle continues but I'm not spazzing!! tools and tricks of the trade are utilized, just trying to stop the madness. 

Fools and their charades are exposed like Trump at the civil rights museum in Mississippi. 

Rules and other facades composed are confronted; we're in transition / circulating!! beats thump and these insights are dropped!! more madness?  jokers need to miss me.

Fools need to miss me with the foolishness and I'm not acting brand new with this!!

Rules a dude followed? I've always asked that question;  WTF /  what's that foolishness? 

Rules a dude followed? the new or next school is hit up based on principles from the old one. 

Citations issues by code enforcement? I see how the sport gets as  the street code is violated, some learn the game is a cold one. 

..Just like the weather we had down south, now hitting up the east coast with Buffalo Bills games played in a whiteout!  but damn!! fools still have time to try to blow up the NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal...

..Just like whatever is heard from the mouth of a naysayer or they'll try to brag and boast!  I told them I can't work with ya....

I had work to do; tools and tricks of the trade are utilized!! my appetite? I'm curbing it, food from hell's kitchen has too many preservatives, they're genetically processed..

I had work to do; tools and tricks of the trade are utilized!! ignoring so called conservatives with their tax plans, the masses? they stressed..

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