Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Caught In A Moment Of Time PT.9

Caught in a moment of time, it's usually considered a critical stage of development. 

Caught reclaiming my time after it was burglarized!! a dude was  enraged by the level of it. 

The devil was all up in it;  what?  the details!! I  started typing this good word Sunday on sacred grounds now it's part of the HumpDay Extravaganza!!  it's part of the rebuttal.

Around the corner?  Atlanta Falcons fans were mad because the Minnesota Vikings shut them down while Georgia Bulldogs fans will celebrate in a huddle.

Out of order with this like Mary Norwood demanding a recount in the Atlanta Mayoral race with Keisha Lance Bottoms? please!! In the midst of this we still get breakbeat scientific.  

Out of order with the Deliberate Falsehood? nah!! sometimes the situation bottoms out but we're not acting false in the hood!! sounds bump and the good word is dropped!! we can be subliminal or specific. 

Out of order with the Deliberate Falsehood? please! that sounds like Trump tweeting / purpose defeating,  or maybe distracting? 

When caught in a moment of time? from Humpday Extravaganzas to Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday we're interacting.

When caught in a moment of time? questions stumped us per life's tests, even though some of us were acting like we knew.

Wannabe pundits and experts on or in networks faking it until they make it? faking the funk or keeping it real per Cheryl Lynn,  based on what we go through? 

I see how that works; some are cutting a deal like Michael Flynn with Robert Mueller,  that's what reality will do to ya.

 What's the prognosis when caught in a moment of time? we're mysterious like the X-Files,  doing the knowledge like Agent Mulder


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