Monday, December 04, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (The Super Full Moon Edition)

 Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, remnants of the full moon were present...

It was exact yesterday, Sunday morning but jokers are still  'buking and scorning!!  they damned us if we did or did it; Right and Exact per Dilated Peoples? Babu, Rakaa and Evidence..

That's per Music Monday, it's on again!! beats bump as digital crate digging continues along with Sunday Jazz;  that's how we do things. 

How did we play? on top of that?  this good word is dropped!! like Trump vs the DOJ and FBI on Twitter we act like we knew things.  

Actually, more than that as we take old girl's advice and go on with that!! we brew things up in the lab,  check out these elixirs and potions. 

This crew is doing things,  like the GOP thinks they are with the tax bill and other notions?

Actually, more than that as we go on with that! I told you we're still rolling down I-20 acting like we knew things!! damn!! other emotions are evident as I started writing this at the time of the Gemini Super Full Moon. 

Spotted dude rolling down I-20 swerving in the red MINI Cooper like he was late for work, acting like he knew things!! others show emotions like it's all love, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  I see how they swoon. 

Check the attitude, we had a tune about smoke and mirrors,  reminded of it by the fog out here on I-20 in Atlanta this morning plus conditions on other levels as I wrote this. 

Beats are broken by O-Dog  rebuking the horror and terror,  plus O-Zone will rebuke devils when he quotes that and this. 

Spirit once broken but implosions failed like the Silverdome, due to experience silver is on the dome so a dude will rock the baldy... 

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta even though your homie is still  representing Louisville; some don't know what the call will be!!

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