Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tools / Tricks Of The Trade PT. 10

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? digital crate digging continues, along with Sunday Jazz;  it's how we do things.

Tools / tricks of the trade?  Jazz /  funk /  hip hop / house and soul music are on these menus; in souls kitchen?  that's how we brew things.

Tools / tricks of the trade are utilized! during this holiday season?  we're acting like we knew things,  in soul's kitchen conducting business per these good words / spiritual spices and herbs.

Trying to roll with this!! but per the treason? we're really acting like we knew things after going through things / kicked to these curbs. 

Trying to roll with this! spotted some that lack seasoning / reasoning like these Busters and Herbs out here with us in this Babylon wilderness. 

What's up with us?  acting like we knew as the Seasons / Reasons change per the Winter Solstice

Captain America Winter Soldiers approach us at reality checkpoints mentioned by Logistics.

Nuclear winters used to coach us or coax us per North Korea warmongers?  Russians say do the knowledge or logistics. 

Acting brand new with ya with these tools / tricks of the trade?  venting from these mystics in a breakbeat scientific fashion? 

Acting like we knew per using these  tools / tricks of the trade?  doing the mathematics  as police are  monitoring the thoughts and fashion. 

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday takes place, up and down /  good and bad!! it doesn't matter,  Winter's Blessings are still received per Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday takes place! no matter the outcome it's a blessing to see it!! some might understand a brotha!!

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