Monday, December 18, 2017

Tools / Tricks Of The Trade PT. 8

It's going down!! tools / tricks of the trade are utilized, but before I could participate they said I needed to sign up. 

It's going down!! fools and tricks with their charades are surprised!!  soon in the database,  entered into the authoritie's lineup.

Plots and schemes were devised, it's like Trump vs Robert Mueller!!  hostile territories were like Instant Funk; they had their minds made up;  you can get it /  get it! 

Not our teams like Seattle Seahawks fans after being dismantled by the LA Rams?  dealing with these Republicans and their tax plan? hot styles used to tell these stories about the history before some repeat it.

Dealing with warhawks!! the purpose? they'll try to defeat it!! the situation is critical!!  ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  walkie talkies were squeaking shots fired!

 Word from authorities in these hostile territories!!  any last minute heroics like the movies?  damn!!  the shot clock expired!

 Heard stories from my constituents about being sick and tired of being sick and tired of  the proceedings;  I'm in the amen corner like an old deacon. 

Constitutional rights violated? I'm one of those dudes that wasn't asleep, as we proceed and continue!  for freedom we still creep!  shining the light / a beacon.

Institutions were wreaking havoc!! they'll have you waiting in the dark like you were at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta...

Win streaking? shut down like the New England Patriots did the Pittsburgh Steelers!! who's fair in the sport? somebody might understand a brotha!! 

Who'll feel this / understand a brotha as these tools / tricks of the trade are utilized?

Some know what the deal is; others will get fooled / tricked by the ongoing charades of the system; I'm not surprised..


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