Sunday, December 10, 2017

Branford Marsalis - Citizen Tain

Sunday Jazz Continues!! as I mentioned previously, Sunday and jazz go together..

Sunday Jazz Continues!! the minister trying to decieve me at Sunday Mass? nah, dude get yourself together!!

Excuse this minister of music as he drops this jazz on the masses per the aftermath of inclement weather in Atlanta...

Excuse me for cooling out on the Eastside while the Northside and Westside got hit hard!! a demented one said whatever!! they didn't understand a brotha!!

Excuse me for cooling out listening to Branford Marsalis with Citizen Tain; in reference to his drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts?

 On the bass?  Robert Hurst  hile  Branford Marsalis played that saxophone; once again it's on!! with this good word and the sound based on the war drums we repell the schemes / plots..

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