Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tools / Tricks Of The Trade PT.6

Large and in charge?  rolling like Disney buying Fox? I see how they were posted up,  setting up shop. 

Posted up old school big men in the NBA; not worried about a three point shot. 

Utilizing their own tools / tricks of the trade! Equipped with a scheme or plot!!   might even say space is the place like Trump.

Biting off of Sun Ra's style?  others will get foul, somebody will have to pull their file per the Bobby Brown hump

Humping around? what will the style be per Russell Simmons and Tavis Smiley?  old sexual misconduct charges will surface! 

Humpty  Dances per Digital Underground?  how did they get down?  check the conduct,  charging it to the game is how they'll work this!

Check the conduct, instead of charging it to the game some will check themselves out of the game like Rep. Dan Johnson up in Kentucky.. 

Check the corrupt as they try to take charge of the game like Louisville meeting with the NCAA concerning sanctions; it's all game up in Kentucky...

So what's up? the corrupt utilized their own tools / tricks of the trade but for some the game is over;  word from Omarosa?

So what's up? we utilized our own tools of the trade!! for some? O-Zone even mentioned the game is over!  

So what's up? we utilized our own tools of the trade!! beats will thump and this good word is dropped..

Might even pay homage to this Throwback Thursday; we housed them, funked them up and we even hip hopped...

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