Friday, August 15, 2014

Next Level Dramatics PT.8 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

This thing is serious!!  from throwing rocks / rockets in the Palestine to tanks and tear gas in Ferguson Missouri ; due to Michael Brown and stolen Swisher Sweets?  check out the next level dramatics. 

 Jokers are delirious!! some have lost their mind!! are the Expendables 3 needed?  it's rough out here in these streets!! I couldn't work with those / these next level fanatics. 

Inside jokers didn't do the mathematics;  I spotted them holding up traffic on I-285 in Atlanta listening to Sean Hannity in Subaru Outbacks and Foresters. 

Suburbanites weren't right!! outback chronicle reflections lead to these urban insights from a dude telling them how the urban forest does.

The system "ain't working right" : that was the word from old schooler Abdullah. 

The system "ain't tight";  these shadetree mechanics were derelict in their duties!!  acting brand new with ya. 

Should you choose these assignments per Mission Impossible?  expect the next level dramatics. 

Planets are in alignment;  so that can be a good or bad thing per next level fanatics. 

Rick Perry types with their  strong arm tactics will get what's coming to them!!

You heard me? the story is unfolding as we speak as I drop this good word!! O-Dog is funky drumming for them..

You heard me boys and girls? as Boko Haram abducts boys in Nigeria and ISIS jacked Iraq for the women / girls...

Once again it's on!! check out the next level dramatics!! but we're still on this next level business as the drama unfurls...

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