Sunday, August 24, 2014

Study To Show Yourself Approved

Do the knowledge! per 2 Timothy 2:15 we might need to study to show ourselves approved!!!

One step ahead in the game!! that's where this pimp will be!! not in places like Ferguson Mo. where martial law is coming;  as rights and privileges are removed!!

What was it that the marshall saw? things aren't working son!!  so I moved in the right direction in the ongoing strive for perfection!!

But knowing only God is perfect as dipped down I-20 in Atlanta one step ahead of the Dekalb County Marshall;  I got off at the Candler Road exit and turned right at the intersection!!

You'll get burned in the wrong section unless your out at Black Rock Desert at the Burning Man; what are we learning man? in Iraq suicide bombers were down for the cause.

As we continue to bring the sound; no time to be a burning man due to the fire challenge!!  jokers need to  stop, yield or  pause!!

No ice bucket challenges either; I spotted the clause in the contract; please!!! no way will I sign that!!!

What?? You didn't know?? do the knowledge!!! old girl on Candler Rod said if you don't know? you better find that these times that we live in get crazier and crazier and crazier!!!!

Some will step up; they'll put work in!!  while others get lazier and lazier!!

This might not faze you!!! everybody's going through something in their ongoing struggle to survive....

Consumerism competes with spirituality for souls; we all strive; strive!!

But I keep moving; my arrival will not be delayed; I continue to do this!!

Coming with these scriptures; They won't be lost like the Gospel of Judas!!

You can move to the mixture provided by the brotha O-D-O-G !!!!

On the one with the universe; on the one with the will of G-O-D!!!!

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