Tuesday, August 12, 2014

There's Always Something : The Saga / Struggle Continues

 There's always something; this is the next chapter or next verse as the saga / struggle continues.

 I heard the old blues song;  I could add a verse and make it a remix!! as the saga / struggle continues. 

Acting brand new with this?  your wrong!! conditions are adverse but I'm still the same Brotha O!!  these menus are full of the funk and this good word. 

Spiritual Significance is this operation? please!!  it's another realm!!  unlike Tony in the California area in Louisville supposedly selling the good Herb. 

What it do? from West Coasting in Oakland California to Seaboarding in Savannah?  you'll get played like Gus or Herb and the rest of the busters. 

What it do?  the next contestants step up like its a game show or even a reality show!! like authorities told Mike Brown in St. Louis / Ferguson Missouri?  the apparatus said trust us. 

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