Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Mothership Gets Good Mileage PT.1

We roll through the universe in the mothership doing the knowledge; just making sure that it's thorough!

The mothership gets good mileage!!  now CIA Ebola  type secret knowledge is found in any district, business, ghetto or borough!!!

...Or any barrio, Gaza Strip settlement plus any bureau, government, corporation or division!!!

Check the scenario; we were trying to be incognito but we had to do the math; it can be multiplication, addition, subtraction or division!!

Check the scenario as we come back like Richie Incognito; so whatcha know? what path are you on?  what's your mission? what are you facing???

During intergalactic journeys like the Mars Curiosity Rover we spotted a Negro wishing on a star like Rose Royce;  so what are you chasing???

Fishing or phishing expeditions take place; evidence on the hard drive I'm erasing!!!

ATL players were dipping in Ford Expeditions with the bass bumping like a Bay Area California earthquake per Atlanta trap music;  the vehicle? they might use it in a smash and grab!!  joints they are casing!! 

Meanwhile we're dipping in the 90's model Toyota Camry like the rest of these refugees / immigrants down here in Atlanta on Buford Highway...

...Reminding me that the mothership got good mileage; understand me? as I dip down the information highway...

I transcend after the transformation; now Breakbeat Science  is dropped; issues?  I'm debating!! these madness methods are used!!

Stop the madness! like Douglas McClain killed fighting for ISIS  or Michael Brown going down in Ferguson;  a brotha is being  abused!!

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