Monday, August 25, 2014

We Got Off To A Bad Start

We just arrived!!  we're all up in the spot!!  but like the North Cali earthquake from early yesterday we got off to a bad start. 

Some survived but they learned their lesson after dealing with the fake!!  how can you get off with a bad heart? 

Others played a bad part in the reality show;  reminding me of bad movies with  Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams

From Nutty Professors to Ms Doubtfire;  but R.I.P. to Robin Williams. 

R.I.P to Michael Brown per the home going ceremony; what's the deally? we got off to a bad start in Ferguson Missouri!!  robbing and stealing after peaceful demonstrations. 

Blame it on the alcohol per Jamie Foxx? or maybe DHS agents and provocateurs with their instigations. 

It's all game!! peep it!! O-Dizzle rocks!! ignoring  investigations by thought and fashion police that are conducted. 

It's all game!! peep it!!  what's the dizzle? check the technical difficulties!! the database is corrupted!!
Peep game as my people come undone; systematic approaches  got them!!!

Gambling; scrambling for dollars; that's where you'll spot them!!

But things got hot for them!!!!  a lot of my people are unemployed!! industries move overseas!!!

O-Zone steps up; I got them; check how I drop this good word!! a bruh will over achieve!!!! another deceives them; told them they had a plan; had a plan!!!

Now were back up in Iraq due to cats from ISIS that we funded: while nuclear breakthroughs occur in Iran!!!

Plus I understand my man in North Korea is holding product!!!!

He had his middle finger in the air; ignoring the rules of conduct; conduct!!!!

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