Saturday, August 16, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Feeling Good

Damn!! considering the ongoing circumstances I feel like I hit the lottery!!  I'm feeling pretty good!! 

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!!  the saga / struggle continues;  dealing with the debatable circumstances of being built or torn down!! haters have visions of stopping me!!  but I'm actually feeling "hood"

It's based on Louisville / Newburg default settings;  per hoods from Victory Park to the California area. 

The healing process is not complete!! the pain is not completely erased!!  my peeps are waiting in the dark!!  from Michael Brown getting popped in Ferguson Missouri to Ezell Ford shot in Los Angeles California; check the scenario. 

It's similar to the drama from Syria to the Gaza Strip;  I'm trying not to flip!! I'm weighing the pros and cons. 

The brotha is using a fresh view / fresh vision during the ongoing mass hysteria;  I get breakbeat scientific during the response. 

No blurred vision per Robin Thicke type blurred lines; please!! these grey area scenarios were manipulated by the smoke and mirrors...

What occurred? who's in the thick of it? profiteers from the US to Kuwait fund ISIS and Boko Haram; they laugh and joke on their way to the bank about the horrors and terrors...

What occurred? breakbeat science? I'm kicking it!! I recognize the pattern after jumping to conclusions;   God is still  blessing us.

Oh yes!! even through the ongoing chaos and confusion;  as the apparatus is stressing us. 

I'm feeling good!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! but I'm not listening to that corny ass Happy song by Pharrell...

Next level business is handled as we rebuke the hostile takeover!! we're no longer under the spell!!

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