Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Making Sure It's Thorough

Class in session per the Sonic Blackjack so do the knowledge!!  make sure that it's thorough;

Check the sonic aggression per scientists battling diseases / the sickness; like Ebola in Liberia they're in search of a cure!!

Was this a hot mess, once again? breakbeat science is dropped;  is this preventive medicine? 

Beats, plus this good word is put down; unlike Rick Perry there's nothing shady about this cousin!!

...Or unlike Nathan Deal his shady cousin!! what's up son? on an O-Dog track the Davinci Code is broken like these beats!!

No ill issues are debated like Darren Wilson's innocence in Ferguson Missouri; there are no distractions!! progress?  that impedes!!!

Planting seeds; soon my people will reap the harvest; the harvest!

It's a Harvest for the world like the Isley Brothers....as we  finish what we started!! 

Don't even start it!! introducing negativity into the spectrum!!!

We're in the heart of it per District 12 of the Hunger Games; the apparatus? they were disrespecting!!

Now the day of reckoning approaches like Armageddon per Bernie Taupin ; hunger and thirst in these games will have some flipping out!!

They're doing the knowledge!! making sure that it's thorough!! they're just rebuking the Reign of Terror!! class is in session!! but some are sleep or cutting class, they're skipping out!!

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