Thursday, August 14, 2014

Standing Down

Weapons were drawn but at the end of the day?  I put them back in the holster. 

Some battles weren't worth fighting unless the Ferguson Missouri madness continues;  but I enlighten the bragger or boaster. 

The trunk rattles in the hooptie; it's all love as Love Rollercoaster by the Ohio Players is heard in the background. 

The saga / struggle continues;  hands are up per Ferguson; I'm standing down but who will work with him? O-Zone will not back down. 

Losses are taken sometimes; I had to step down like Maliki!!  but at the end of the day?  I claim the victory.

 I'll be ready to roll after observing the scene; please!! I was wise to the setup!!  it was me against the world per Tupac;  you feel me?

The apparatus tried to deal me a bad hand;  suffering like Robin Williams with Parkinsons? I'm standing alone against the world

But actually?  The Lord continued to bless me as the drama unfurled. 

Rocks are hurled like it's the Gaza Strip!! check the ongoing drama!! some go at each other like Gilbert Arenas vs Al Sharpton!!

Please!! during the ongoing madness a brotha could flip!! but there's no ice bucket challenge per Pete Carroll  / Jim Harbaugh; whatcha trying to start son?   

Once again it's on per Ferguson war zones; we're in the heart of these danger zones...

Had to admit; everything is not working at the moment so I'm standing down to fight another day!! "it ain't over" please!! the funk is O-Dog's and this good word is O-Zone's ...

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