Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting Your Mind Right

Do the knowledge: like old girl once said?  *you need to get your mind right*

So I revisit that place where my aura was stolen like Russia rolling up on the Ukraine;  what's up mane? I'm making sure *mine is tight* 

I make sure my business is straight unlike the European Central Bank by dropping this good word and making sure the funk will stank!! this is for those that are slow and can't catch up!!!

I'm not mad at you!!! I'm seeing how you roll!! you'll get cut like Michael Sam!! was it due to your shower routine?  it's easy to get snatched up!!!

The system is mad atcha!! my kind are *matched up* with composite sketches; the opposite of glamour shots!!

In the ATL and other spots?  accused of snatch and grab or smash and grabs!! or for running so called hot spots!!!

....Or  like ISIS selling Yazidi women hatching up hot plots and schemes ; out there where reality intersects with dreams!!

....On that boulevard with the broken ones; Boulevard in the Fourth Ward in the ATL? everything is not what it seems!!!

It's rough out here!! it's hard!! the saga / struggle continues!!  once again!!  it doesn't end!!

Just don't sleep: rights and privileges? like in Ferguson Missouri  they'll suspend.

Spotted the trend; fraudulent psycology led to the bogus policy.

I left the premises; I was trying to get my mind right!! but now I'm back from an underground odyssey.

It's not odd of me to do that; that's how us Scorpios do things!!!

Secret knowledge acquired; I found out the sport is complex!! but actually O-Zone already knew things!!

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