Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Moon Madness; August 2014 Edition

I'm processing the August 10 2014 full moon; checking out the madness!! it's another Leo / Aquarius Edition. 

In February it was in Leo; this time it's Aquarius!! now some are flipping out like my peeps in St Louis / Ferguson Missouri!!  up in the show me state!!  nefarious ones had an extraordinary rendition

Different versions are playing out worldwide!! from the Gaza Strip to Nigeria. 

Belligerent ones are swerving from the Ukraine to Chicagoland!! check the mass hysteria   

It's sick like the Ebola the CIA made!!  eugenics? sick like ISIS rolling through Iraq!!

 It's breakbeat science these brothas kick!! per Eurythmics Sweet Dreams we made of these!!  check out when we bring it back. 

The NSA and even Facebook Messenger Apps will track the moves until somebody pulls the plug. 

Who's face to face with a crook?  old girl said she couldn't stand the pungent odor after she pulled a thug. 

The full moon madness interfered with the Perseid Meteor Shower so during that hour it made homie take a pull off the drug laced dutchie!!  then he passed it to the left hand side. 

Now the game is over!!  but I'm not acting a fool with mine!!  it's all about freedom!!  I still ride. 

Now the game is over!! there's no where to run or hide!! nefarious ones soon find out..

The full moon in Aquarius illuminates who's fair with this!! it'll blow your mind out!! 

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