Saturday, August 23, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Hotlanta Reflections-Inspections

Once again it's on!! it's a hot day in Atlanta!! these I-20 Chronicles are going down like this!! like this!!

Recent events show that we're under attack on all fronts in this spiritual warfare; as we continue to fight this. 

Local, national, international, and intergalactic is where we confront a fanatic; they'll try to destroy the hood like District 12 the hunger games;  hunger and thirst make us play these games!! jeopardizing our physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Resources were depleted from the motherland for corporate wealth; now Aids and Ebola are left per eugenics. 

Courses and lessons are going down!! damn!! there are no sweet dreams made of these per the Eurythmics

Forces are stressing the masses with Dan Page / St Louis County Police type tactics;  even Don Lemon got roughed up!!

He also caught it from Talib Kweli for CNN coverage; plus they say Jesse Jackson has lost leverage!! he even got roughed up!!

Whats the deally? I contemplated and reflected on matters as I dipped down I-20!!  spilled my beverage and almost coughed it up due to profiling by Dekalb County police!!

What's the deally? the sport is complex as Israelis ask what port is next? opposition is met in Oakland and and Block the Boat in Long Beach...

We didn't abort the mission!! we're on to the next!! from the ATL to Oakland and back to Louisville / Newburg!! 

Reflections and inspections were underway when we dipped down I-20 in the ATL!! one step ahead of the Anarchy: Purge

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