Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific When We Kick It

This is how it's going down like my website!! please believe me it's scientific when we kick it!! 

 The science dropped is of the breakbeat variety; check the insight!!  this is not Scientology!! you  should know thought and fashion police will write a ticket. 

We're out here in the thick of it like like Mike Brown in St. Louis /  Ferguson Missouri;  I'm swinging a machete through the thicket like dude did back in the day when we were standing on the block. 

...up in Louisville / Newburg;  with the apparatus?  we didn't merge son!!  we knew the ongoing hustles they would knock. 

O-Dog will rock!!  he's the funky drummer,  while O-Zone drops the good word;  who will understand a brotha?

These are the dog days of summer down here in Hotlanta;  jokers are on some other other.

But these brothas are scientific when we kick it!! as we put it down like this. 

What's the deal with it? mathematics are dropped and funky is how the sound is. 

Synthetic biology or genetic engineering takes place in the O-Dog's lab when he breaks beats down to their basic elements and compounds!!! but these deeds are dastardly.. 

The fanatic? check how they roll!! foul will be the social engineering that takes place!! I kept my eye on a corrupt one; knowing where that bastard will be...

Some are in a dark place like Robin Williams  due to shady dealings!! but soon the last will be first and the first last per Matthew 20:16

At the end of the day? hungry and thirsty ones in these Hunger Games will recognize that it's breakbeat science we're kicking.. 

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